siHealth was speaker at the biennial meeting organised by IPEM’s Ultrasound and Non-Ionising Radiation Special Interest Group, in Glasgow.

Optical Radiation and Healthcare was the focus of the IPEM meeting this year and siHealth came there with the right attitude. HappySun digital system minimises the risks associated with solar radiation exposure and provides a personalised ultraviolet (UV-B, UV-A) radiation dose control, maximising benefits: e.g. vitamin D synthesis.

“This system revolutionises the relationship between the person and the sun – Marco Morelli, siHealth CTO, has told to physicists and experts who were presents at the Optical Radiation Update meeting – HappySun provides a new type of support for the proper use of photoprotective products, both in summer and in winter, for the health and a better lifestyle of each person”.

Nowadays, no “decision support system” is available for people who expose themselves to solar radiation in order to determine the most convenient radiation dose in relation to the various benefits and health risks, taking into account also the characteristics of each person. HappySun is an innovative contact-less satellite-based radiation real-time dosimeter technology, simultaneously operating in different spectral bands and enabling smartphone apps that support both public skin cancer prevention and vitamin D sufficiency support.

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