siHealth at the 6th Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference in London

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On June 5-6 SiHealth was main sponsor of the Anti-Aging Skin Care Conference. This meeting was an opportunity for presentations and discussions on scientific, regulatory and marketing issues regarding the anti-aging sector.
This is a relevant and rapidly growing segment (forecasted to reach 216 USD billion by 2021) driven by innovation (new launches and technologies) and an increasing interest in prevention and healthy habits.
The main topics of the conference were maintaining healthy skin, avoiding premature skin aging and preventing serious consequences of sun burns as well as discussions on environmental insults, the role of genetics and nutrition.
There were 18 invited speakers, skilled in their field, who proposed an interesting mix of academic and business expertise and presented remarkable case-histories.
The meeting offered new insights into skin health, beauty, skin age prevention and treatment with active discussions with the Industry’s top scientists and technologists.

SiHealth booth at the venue was always crowded by delegates from commercial and R&D functions.
Our team had several opportunities to showcase our solutions and establish important networking with industry leaders.

Sun and medications

Sun and medications

If you are on treatment either for a chronic or acute condition you need to know your medication might cause photosensitivity during and after sun exposure

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